Graph of apopptosis via annexinAria: Live and Fixed cell sorting

  • Data analysis of 1-15 colors
  • 2 or 4-way sorting in tubes
  • Sorting into culture plates or chamber slides
    • Limiting dilution assays
    • Clonal Expansion
    • INDEX Sorts
  • Purity check for all subpoplations
    • Dependant on cell numbers, frequency and recovery
  • Graph of reactive oxygen speciesQuick analysis of all data for ready reference, provided as ‘pdf’ file
  • Overlaid histograms available on request


  • Data analysis of 1-8 colors
  • Self-operated

Consultation for experimental design with experience in:

  • Multi-color panel design
  • Multi-color staining and analysis
  • Cytotxicity
  • Apoptosis via
    • Tunel assay
    • Caspase function
    • Phosphatidyl serine via AnnexinV staining
  • Reactive Oxygen Species
  • ALDH Staining
  • Cell Cycle and Proliferation
    • Side populations via Hoechst staining
  • Ratiometric Dyes
  • Free analysis station with TreeStar FlowJo software available for individual users
Graph of ALDH staining Graph of side populations
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