The facility reserves the right to decline work for bio-safety reasons

Graph of cell cycleMACSQuant (self-operated)

  • On-line scheduling calendar
  • Self-operation available only to trained personnel. Calendar link provided on completion of training.


  • Call or e-mail Nan Sheng
  • Example of proliferation CFSE vs CD66View current schedule
  • Schedule all time points for an experiment prior to starting the experiment to ensure availability of instrument and operator.
  • DO NOT schedule an appointment until all reagents are in-house or a confirmed shipping date has been received.
  • Minimum booking time is 30min.
  • Facility must be notified via email of all cancellations by noon 2business days prior to appointment to avoid charges.
  • Facility must authorize significant changes to an appointment. Significant changes are defined as a greater than 20% increase/decrease of tube numbers, changing between analysis and sorting, a greater than 10% increase/decrease of total cells/sort tube. Unauthorized work will not be permitted to impinge on other reserved time.
  • Example of proliferation via BrdU/PIScheduling: ALL appointment requests MUST provide following upon request. This will be strictly enforced.
    • Valid account number on file
    • PI/Grant Name
    • Your name and contact info
    • Species, Cell Type and approximate cell size (in microns)
    • Known biohazards
    • All colors used in experiment
    • Analysis: number of tubes, not including compensation tubes, and preferred event number to acquire
    • Sort: number of tubes to be sorted, approximate total cell number per tube and collection device (tube, slide, plate)
    • Preferred dates/times
  • Day of Appointment:
    • A confirmed appointment and completed requisition form
    • Appropriate compensation tubes: negative and single color positive control tubes
    • Filtered, clump-free samples in phenol red-free buffer
    • Sort cell concentration: 5-10e6 cells/ml
    • Minimum cell number and volume:
      • Analysis: 2e5 cells/tube, 200µl/tube in microfuge tubes
      • Sorting: less than 1e6 bulk cells in 300µl in microfuge tubes
    • Appropriate collection media (phenol red-free) plus serum, 10-20ml
Example of rare event analysis knockout Example of 4way sorting
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