Active External Funding

R01HL162822 (Phillippi, PI and Nain, MPI) Matrix biophysics and pericyte mechanobiology in (patho)physiological angiogenesis (2023-2027); Co-Investigators: David Kaczorowski, MD and Pablo Sanchez, MD PhD

R01HL109132: ROS Mechanisms in BAV Aortopathy (2012-2018; 2020-2025)
Dr. Thomas Gleason (PI); Co-Investigators: Dr. Julie Phillippi, Dr. David Vorp, Dr. Spandan Maiti, Dr. Ibrahim Sultan, Dr. Simon Watkins, Dr. Sina Tavakoli, and Dr. Timothy Wong

R01HL131632: Matrix-Mediated Vasa Vasorum Dysfunction in Thoracic Aortic Disease (2017-2023)
Dr. Julie Phillippi (PI); Co-Investigators: Drs. Gleason, Donnenberg and Badylak

F32HL165905-01: Pericyte and Extracellular Matrix Dysfunction in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (2023-2025)
Dr. Bryant Fisher (PI); Sponsor: Dr. Julie Phillippi

Commonwealth Universal Research Enrichment (CURE) Program, PA Department of Health Mechanisms of microvascular expansion in lung failure
Dr. Julie Phillippi (PI); Dr. Pablo Sanchez, Co-I

Completed Projects

NIH F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award: Patrick Chan, MD (2017-2019)

Clinician Scientist Training Program Grant from the American Heart Association: Leonid Emerel, MD (2017-2019)

Nina Starr Braunwald Research Fellowship Award from the Thoracic Surgery Foundation: Lauren Huckaby, MD (2017-2019)

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute R56HL127214: Dr. Julie Phillippi-PI and Dr. Thomas Gleason, Co-I

American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship Award: Dr. Mary Kotlarczyk

UPMC Health System Competitive Medical Research Fund: Dr. Julie Phillippi

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