McGowan/PVCA LogoOn September 27, 2022, beginning at 5:00pm please join the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association (PVCA) for a behind- the-scenes look at the cutting-edge regenerative medicine technologies advancing toward commercialization at the University of Pittsburgh’s renowned McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine. During this visit, the McGowan Institute will highlight the research in the labs of these faculty members:

Principal Investigator: Andrew Duncan, PhD
Focus: research seeks to understand how hepatocyte chromosome variations influence liver function and disease, particularly the role of diploid and polyploid cells

Principal Investigator: Julie Phillippi, PhD
Focus: to leverage cell-matrix mechanisms in normal physiology for the development of new and less-invasive treatments for cardiovascular pathologies

Principal Investigator: Bryan Brown, PhD
Focus: clinical applications where few effective solutions currently exist, with increasing emphasis upon unmet clinical needs in women’s health

Principal Investigator: Stephen Badylak, DVM, PhD, MD; Host: George Hussey, PhD
Focus: development of regenerative medicine strategies for tissue and organ replacement

Principal Investigator: Antonio D’Amore, PhD
Focus: to couple a mechanistic understanding of the relationship between scaffolds microstructure, mechanics, and endogenous tissue growth with the development of novel biomaterials for tissue engineering strategies

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Please register to attend through PVCA’s website here.

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