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Our Mission

Medical Devices Lab: Biotransport, Pulmonary & Cardiovascular Mission Statement

  • To be the University of Pittsburgh’s key knowledge center for the design and development of pulmonary and cardiovascular medical devices whose therapeutic function and performance ties directly to fluid flow and mass transport principles.
  • To be the forerunners in the development of alternative and novel respiratory support devices that can be implemented directly by the pulmonary intensivist in treating patients with acute and acute-on-chronic lung failure.
  • To be a leading academic laboratory advancing the development of medical devices that use fiber membrane or particle based adsorption technologies to selectively remove or modulate specific solutes from circulating blood associated with immune, inflammatory, and other pathogenic reactions and diseases.
  • To continually improve the medical devices we develop by using engineering modeling and computer simulation, along with experimental transport analyses and flow visualization, and to evolve our designs towards increased performance and more compact units directed to facilitate the needs of the clinical end user.
  • To actively seek new strategic academic and industrial collaborations and partners that build on our existing strengths and that add complementary expertise to develop new or improved medical devices that can substantially impact the treatment of patients.
  • To perform technology development and intellectual property management in a manner that facilitates the translation of our laboratory research into formal product development and clinical trials conducted by or in collaboration with strategic commercial partners.
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