In 2019, the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory formed a research partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Through a recent session of the virtual Pitt Health Academy: Research in Orbit updates were provided on  biomanufacturing research on the ISS that is leading the way to medical therapies for patients on Earth. As our researchers find success, it may open the door for future alliances to explore other solutions to common problems through space-based experimentation.

The event was produced as a partnership between the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Pitt Health Sciences Alumni and the ISS National Laboratory. The event featured William Wagner, PhD, Director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and Christine M. Kretz, Vice President of Programs and Partnerships of the ISS National Laboratory, and was moderated by Patrick Cantini, Strategy and Business Development Officer, McGowan Institute.

The program highlighted the progress that has been made in scientific studies on-board the ISS, the advantages of bio-manufacturing in zero gravity, and the necessary steps to have commercial bio-medical ventures become a reality.

Illustration:  International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.