Patrick M. Cantini

Mr. Patrick Cantini is the Strategy and Business Development Officer at the McGowan Institute. He is also a member of the Institute’s Executive Management team focusing on conceptualizing and formulating strategic initiatives that result in short- and long-term growth of the Institute. This includes the development of innovative programs and activities to expedite technology translation; identifying and securing key community, government, and industry alliances on a regional, national, and global level; assessing the regenerative medicine field to identify emerging trends; improving project/program efficiencies; and, recommending new initiatives to grow the McGowan Institute.

In a dual capacity, Mr. Cantini also serves as a Managing Principal for the Wound Research Alliance (WRA) as a “clinical accelerator” – based out of the Department of Plastic Surgery – moving wound care research into clinical practice. Mr. Cantini is responsible for facilitating the end-to-end engagement process for the Alliances strategic partnerships. He also serves on the Alliance’s Executive Management Team and provides strategic oversight for business development.

Prior to his appointment at the McGowan Institute, Mr. Cantini served as the Chief Business Officer for the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine where he was responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, direction, and business development. In addition, he provided overall administrative direction and coordination in the formulation, interpretation, and implementation of current and long-range policies, procedures, and programs.

Before joining the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Mr. Cantini served as the Associate Director for the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative (PTEI), a non-profit think tank for the advancement of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. He joined the biotech industry in 2001 after a long and lustrous career in the automotive manufacturing industry where he held leadership positions at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME).