Alejandro Jose Almarza, PhD

Dr. Alejandro Almarza is an Associate Professor in Oral Biology in the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh with a secondary appointment in the Department of Bioengineering. He is the Director of Undergraduate Internship Programs in the Department of Bioengineering as well as the Faculty Advisor of the Student Research Group in the School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Almarza graduated with a PhD in Bioengineering from Rice University after obtaining a BS in Chemical Engineering from Florida State University. He joined the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh in 2005.

His research interests lie in the areas of theoretical and experimental bioengineering with a focus on tissue engineering; craniofacial and orthopaedic biomechanics; biomaterials; fibrocartilage healing; and temporomandibular joint.

Dr. Almarza has authored both refereed journal publications and several book chapters. He is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Orthopaedic Research Society, the International Association of Dental Research, the American Association of Dental Research, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Society of TMJ Surgeons (invited). He is the Academic Editor of PLoS One and a reviewer for Connective Tissue Research, Micromechanics, Oral Sciences, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Orthopaedic Research, amongst others.

View a list of Dr. Almarza’s publications here.