Encouraging the next generation of young innovators and scientists from the School of Pharmacy at Pitt. PittMcGowan partnered with the School of Pharmacy to provide a ‘speed-dating’ like approach for P1 and P2 PharmD students to hear about ongoing innovative research at the Institute. Spearheaded by P2 PharmD student, Krishi Akenapalli. Professor John Riley (Pharmacy) and Dr. Shomita Steiner (McGowan) coordinated this event that was attended by 14 students (Christine Chen, Jolie Nguyen, Risha Musuku, Patrick McAndrew, Michael Kosko, Walter Nieves-Canabal, Krishi Akenapalli, Nishesh Patel, Manali Sheth, Jigar Dadarwala, Riya Shah, Anju Zhang, Brinn Mancuso and Tarah Fuller). Faculty from McGowan included Drs. Chandan K. Sen (Director, McGowan), George Hussey, Savita Khanna, Eric Lagasse, Yi Xuan, Kanhaiya Singh, Subhadip Ghatak, Mohamed El Masry, Parker Evans, Surya Gnyawali, and Deeptankar DeMazumder.