Partnering With Industry

regenerative-medicine-industryBusiness strategies for managing the research and development process are continually evolving. Many companies now manage research more systematically as part of a global strategic perspective, organizing activities in multiple locations, collaborating and performing research in an interactive way with a multitude of partners.

In addition to collaborations with academic research centers worldwide, McGowan Institute faculty members work closely with private-sector companies developing technology and manufacturing methods for regenerative and rehabilitative medicine. Many of these interactions involve leadership in traditional industry-sponsored clinical trials and co-development of new therapies or devices, but customized models of collaboration have also been are also emerging. Because of its technological depth and diversity, McGowan is able to develop collaborations that meet niche needs in the development of technologies and new commercial initiatives.

Benefits of Partnering with the McGowan Institute:

  • Highly talented personnel in every major disease discipline
  • Decades of experience with the coordinated management of multiple disciplines in regenerative medicine
  • Strong stem cell development capabilities in multiple disease states – including clinical development
  • Imaging and biocomputational modeling that have been designed to support the regenerative medicine mission
  • Artificial organ and biohybrid organ support methodologies for novel drug, cell and tissue delivery and support
  • Educational and partnering programs that can accelerate the understanding of regenerative medicine for workforces development
  • Institutional and regional commitment to regenerative and rehabilitative medicine
  • Extra regional leadership, linkages and impact, enabling regenerative medicine in Pittsburgh to be far larger than the sum of its internal parts.

We seek opportunities to engage with other professionals in this dynamic field. If you are interested in partnering with the McGowan Institute, and to the growth of regenerative therapies, please contact Patrick Cantini at or at 412-624-5209.