PI Thomas Gilbert, PhD

Co-Investigators Kimimasa Tobita, MD, PhD and Stephen Badylak, DVM, MD, PhD

Title Cardiac Remodeling with Organ Specific Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds

Description Improved materials for cardiac reconstruction of congenital defects and heart failure are needed. Current surgical approaches for cardiac reconstruction utilize synthetic materials that slow the progression of disease, but do not provide any contractile function and do not have the ability to grow with the patient. Recently, porcine urinary bladder matrix (UBM) has been used to repair myocardial tissue. The remodeled UBM contributed to regional function in both canine and porcine models, but did not fully restore myocardial tissue. Cardiac extracellular matrix (C-ECM) may promote faster reconstruction of functional tissue by providing a scaffold with a composition and architecture similar to the tissue that it is intended to replace. The proposed study will determine the morphologic and functional differences in cardiac remodeling after repair with C-ECM, UBM, and Dacron patches. Furthermore, the study will include analysis of the recruitment and fate of bone marrow derived progenitor cells at the site of remodeling. The study will be conducted in collaboration with Drs. Badylak, Wagner, and Tobita, and members of their respective laboratories.

Source NIH-NIBIB – RO3

Term June 1, 2009—May 31, 2011

Amount: $145,400