PI Steven Little, PhD

Title Temporal Delivery of Growth Factors for Wound Healing Using Porous Hollow Fibers

Description Our objective is to optimize wound healing through temporal delivery of growth factors using porous hollow fibers extending into a wound site. As an extension to the wound-cap technology (artificial capillary bed delivery system), these fibers can be made from materials that dissolve in the presence of a chemical or temperature-based trigger following the wound healing process. Because angiogenesis is, in many cases, one of the first steps towards wound healing, we propose to demonstrate enablement of this technology by mimicking the natural sequence of stimuli that directs angiogenesis. Our hypothesis is that sequential delivery of appropriate angiogenesis-promoting factors from our externally-regulated delivery system, as opposed to simultaneous delivery of multiple factors, will result in more mature and integrated neo-vasculature.

Source PTEI via DOD

Term April 1, 2009 – September 30, 2010

Amount: $91,667