PI G. Bard Ermentrout, PhD, Beatrice Riviere, PhD, Jonathan Rubin, PhD, David Swigon, PhD, and Ivan Yotov, PhD

Title Research Training Group Award

Summary Will provide resources to develop training programs for mathematics students to work with physicians and biologists to help resolve complicated medical problems through mathematics. A variety of computer models will be produced based on differential equations to create immune system models to plot the various chemical and physical changes that occur as the body battles influenza, inflammation, sepsis, necrosis, and wounds. The researchers hope to be able to plot and pinpoint the origin of uncontrollable inflammation and infection that can occur as complications following surgery.

National Science Foundation ($1.8 million) and the University of Pittsburgh School of Arts and Sciences

Term 09/01/07-09/01/09

Amount Total of $2.5 million