McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine affiliated faculty member Bradley Nindl, PhD, director of the Neuromuscular Research Lab/Warrior Human Performance Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh, recently spoke about how scientific and technological advances in physical education and exercise science will make way for an injury-free military as a featured speaker for Springfield College’s Karpovich Lecture.

The readiness and deployability of the U.S. military is adversely impacted by an unacceptably high incidence rate of physical training-related musculoskeletal injuries that represent a major threat to the health and fitness of soldiers and other service members and that degrade our nation’s ability to project military power. This affects both financial and human resources. Army reservist Dr. Nindl discussed how leveraging scientific and technological advances and evidence-based best practices in physical education and exercise science will yield a fit, ready, and injury-free military.

Dr. Nindl is also a professor in Pitt’s Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, part of the School of Health and Rehabilitation.

The Peter V. Karpovich Lecture celebrates academics and strides in the fields of exercise physiology, research, sports medicine, and other related scientific aspects of physical education through inviting lecturers from the industry to speak on campus.

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Springfield College 2018 Karpovich Lecture

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