“Since the start of the collaboration with MIRM CPCS we felt at home and their team as an extension of our staff. We found a passionate group of people with a lot of experience in the field whose sole goal is to make your program successful. Moreover, MIRM’s facility is adapted to our needs. The CPCS has a dedicated and experienced team with a facility, professional OR and lecture facilities that allows privacy and focus for you and your customers. CARMAT selected the CPCS as the sole US Training Center supporting the qualification of surgeons from all US Clinical Trial sites. Initiated in 2019, Carmat has completed fifteen training events; we look forward to continuing this relationship.”

– Francesco Arecchi
Director of Global Market Development for Carmat

“Founded in 1998, XVIVO (Gothenburg, Sweden) is the only medical technology company dedicated to extending the life of all major organs – so transplant teams around the world can save more lives. XVIVO is the forerunner in life-extending technologies for organs. We lead the way by following the science. Our solutions allow leading clinicians and researchers to push the boundaries of transplantation medicine. XVIVO provides clinically optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion in connection with transplantation.

Our state-of-the-art devices allow for oxygenated machine perfusion during preconditioning, preservation, reconditioning and transport of organs. During the development of our Liver Assist, XVIVO’s subsidiary Organ Assist from Groningen, The Netherlands, intensively collaborated with the Thomas Starzl Transplantation Institute of the UPMC, and the Pitt McGowan Center for Preclinical Studies. Within the CPCS Test Facility, the Liver Assist was evaluated in a preclinical liver transplantation study on the safety and efficacy of 9-hour ex vivo machine perfusion at room temperature using an innovative oxygen-carrier solution (VirTech Bio, Natick MA) compared to static cold storage. For this purpose, the team experts at the CPCS, in close collaboration with the surgeons from UPMC, developed a new pig liver transplantation model, including 5-day follow-up under GLP conditions. Results show survival of 6 out 6 in the study group compared to 2 out of 6 in the control group. The study was published in the American Journal of Transplantation (AmJTx 2015;15:381-394) Based on the study, XVIVO has received regulatory approval of the Liver Assist in Europe, Brazil, and Australia, and more than 2000 patients received a new liver perfused in the Liver Assist. The collaboration with the McGowan CPCS played a significant role in realizing XVIVO’s mission: Nobody should die waiting for a new organ.”

– Arjan Van Der Plaats, PhD
Research and Development Director for XVIVO