Adjacent to the main operating suite and stat lab, the Center’s ICU is dedicated to long-term care and treatment of implanted and post-operative test systems. Located centrally within this room, a monitoring/nursing station is manned by trained Critical Care ICU Technicians supporting round-the-clock care, treatment, and testing; staff are also trained to collect study data 24/7 as required by individual study protocols.

The CPCS ICU has the capacity to support multiple long-term individual chronic studies. This area has three individual test rooms, each maintaining a degree of separation/isolation by a physical barrier while remaining in direct view and access of the central nursing station. In addition to procedural and facility controls, this area provides the isolation of each study, controlling for the potential for cross contamination of data.

Each critical care station within the ICU testing areas can be readily equipped with a variety of monitoring equipment (EKG, BP, etc.), oxygen administration, vacuum, and other supportive elements as required.

Design features of the ICU/Testing area provide ample space for the use and operation of a variety of test article peripherals such as controllers, data collection systems, etc. at the station’s point of care.

The CPCS ICU facilities maintain access to centralized independent priority electrical power supported by a instantaneous power generator as needed in response to a power interruption support systems – tested monthly by the facilities management group.

This area maintains a fully stocked pharmacy providing immediate access to all required point of care support as needed.