Project Description

Targeted Delivery Of Glycine Receptors To Excitable Cells

Focused On Method Of Modulating The Electrophysiological Activity Of A Peripheral Neuron Within A Subject Comprising Inducing Expression Of A Glycine Receptorα1 (Glyrα1) Protein

Inventors: Michael Cascio: Joseph C. Glorioso III: James R. Goss: David M. Krisky M.D., Ph.D.

Patent Number: 13/043,195


The invention provides a method of modulating electrophysiological activity of an excitable cell. The method involves causing exogenous expression of a glycine receptor (GlyR) protein in an excitable cell of a subject. Thereafter, the excitable cell is exposed to an allosteric modulator of the GlyR protein. Modulation of the exogenous GlyR protein (an ion channel) in response to the allosteric modulator modulates the electrophysiological activity of the excitable cell. The method can be used to control pain in a subject. The invention further provides a replication-defective HSV vector comprising an expression cassette encoding a GlyR protein, stocks and pharmaceutical compositions containing such vectors, and a transgenic animal.
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