Project Description

PCR Method

Inventors: Lori A. Kelly: Sydney David Finkelstein: Tony E. Godfrey: James D. Luketich: Siva Raja M.D., Ph.D

Patent Number: 10/090,326


A method for balancing multiplexed PCR methods is provided. In the method, two or more sequential temporal PCR stages are used to effectively separate two or more PCR reactions in a single tube as an alternative to primer limiting to modulate the relative rate of production of a first amplicon by a first primer set and a second amplicon by a second primer set during the first and second amplification stages. Also provided are rapid RT-PCR methods that find particular use in intraoperative diagnoses and prognoses, for instance in diagnosing malignant esophageal adenocarcenoma by determining expression levels of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in sentinel lymph nodes.
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