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Oncolytic HSV Vector

Inventors: Justus Bernhard Cohen: Hiroaki Uchida: Joseph C. Glorioso III: Paola Grandi

Patent Number: 10,172,893


The present invention provides a recombinant herpes simplex virus (HSV), comprising (a) a mutation of the glycoprotein B (gB) at position 285 or 549, (b) a plurality of copies of one or more microRNA target sequences inserted into a locus of an HSV gene required for HSV replication, wherein said target sequence is the reverse complement of microRNA miR-124 and wherein said target sequence is present in the ICP4 gene, and (c) a transgene encoding a matrix metalloproteinase. The present invention also provides a method of killing a cancerous cell using a recombinant HSV according to the invention and a pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and a recombinant HSV according to the invention.
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