Project Description

Identification Of Mutations In Herpes Simplex Virus Envelope Glycoproteins That Enable Or Enhance Vector Retargeting To Novel Non-HSV Receptors (3)

Inventors: Hiroaki Uchida: Joseph C. Glorioso III: Justus Bernhard Cohen

Patent Number: 13/641,649


The invention provides modified HSV vectors that exhibit enhanced entry of cells, either through direct infection and/or lateral spread. In one aspect, HSV vectors of the present invention can directly infect cells through interaction with cell proteins other than typical mediators of HSV infection. In another aspect, the invention provides an HSV vector, which exhibits lateral spread in cells typically resistant to HSV lateral spread, such as cells lacking gD receptors. The invention further provides DNA encoding mutant forms of the HSV gB and gH glycoproteins, stocks of the inventive virus, and methods for effecting viral targeting and efficient entry of cells. The invention also pertains to the use of the inventive vectors for treating cancers.
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