Project Description

Directed Cell-Based Therapy Using Microbubble Tagged Cells

Inventors: Catalin Toma: Flordeliza S. Villanueva M.D.: William R. Wagner PhD: Joon S. Lee: Jianjun Wang: Xucai Chen: Andrew Fischer

Patent Number: 12/880,807


The disclosed technology describes compositions and methods useful for providing cell based therapy. For example, one embodiment of cell based therapy involves the regeneration of injured tissue and/or promoting wound healing. Certain embodiments provide improved therapeutic compositions using microbubbles by delivering biological progenitor cells to the injured tissues. The administration of the microbubbles is directed by acoustic radiation forces that interact with embodiments of microbubbles comprising an acoustically active gas. As such, a high efficiency of progenitor cell delivery to injured tissue is realized. One advantage of this technique over targeted delivery of pharmaceutical compounds, is that the delivered progenitors cells may be derived from the patient (i.e., personalized therapy), thereby avoiding side effects, allergic reactions, and overall problems associated with refractive drug responses.
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