Project Description

Compositions And Methods For Detecting Cancer

Method Of Detecting Pancreatic Cancer In A Biological Sample

Inventors: David C. Whitcomb M.D.: Teresa Brentnall: Ru Chen: Mary Patricia Bronner: Carol A. Otey: Katherine L. Pogue-Geile

Patent Number: 12/939,801


The present invention provides methods and compositions involving detecting the presence of and/or assessing the risk of cancer in a subject. These methods include methods of detecting and diagnosing cancer in an individual; methods of identifying individuals at risk of developing a cancer; and methods of staging a cancer. The methods generally involve detecting a palladin gene nucleotide sequence alteration that has been found to be associated with cancer and/or detecting a level of a palladin mRNA and/or protein in a biological sample. The present invention further provides nucleic acid probes, nucleic acid primers, and antibodies, as well as kits comprising one or more of the same, for use in a subject method.
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