Project Description

Biosensor Tattoos And Uses Therefor For Biomarker Monitoring

Inventors: Louis D. Falo Jr: O. Burak Ozdoganlar Ph.D.: Marce Bruchez: Phil Gordon Campbell: Jonathan W. Jarvik: Geza Erdos

Patent Number: PCT/US2016/028948


Provided herein are devices and methods used to produce tattoo biosensors that are based on spatially controlled intracutaneous gene delivery of optical reporters driven by specific transcription factor pathways for a given cytokine or other analyte. The biosensors can be specific to a given analyte, or more generically represent the convergence of several cytokines into commonly shared intracellular transcription factor pathways. These biosensors can be delivered as an array in order to monitor multiple cytokines. Biosensor redeployment can enable chronic monitoring from months to years. The tattooed biosensor array of the present invention includes endogenous reporter cells, naturally tuned to each patient’s own biology and can be used to reliably measure the state of a patient in real-time.
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