Emergence Dental is a research and development-stage medical device company taking a dental-first approach to emerging new regenerative products from metallic magnesium alloys, that safely resorb when implanted in the body. Emergence Dental focuses on medical device design and pre-clinical development activities combining intellectual property from nanoMAG, LLC (patented magnesium alloy composition) and the University of Pittsburgh (patent-pending dental-specific devices, know how, and expert clinical advisors).

Emergence Dental’s product portfolio aims to increase the predictability and decrease the time and expense required for oral surgeons and periodontists to perform dental bone grafting procedures on patients preparing to receive dental implants. The unpredictable nature of dental bone grafting procedures can add months of healing time and thousands of dollars in cost to the process of receiving dental implants to replace missing teeth. Currently used materials for dental bone grafting are most frequently obtained from cadavers and animals or are composed of metals containing nickel and aluminum which limit their use in patients with religious or philosophical objections to animal or human-derived products, as well as patients with metal sensitivities.

Emergence Dental was co-founded by Andrew Brown, PhD (President and CEO) and Charles Sfeir, DDS, PhD ( Secretary, Chair of the Clinical and Technology Advisory Boards).