2002 Wound Healing Research Conference
**The Wound Healing Conference will resume in September**

McGowan Institute Wound Healing Research Conference

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of The McGowan Institute Wound Healing Research Conference on January 15, 2002. This conference will focus primarily on active research programs at the University of Pittsburgh and attendance is open to all interested individuals, including and especially postdoctoral fellows and
graduate students. The meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the 5th floor Conference Room of the Eye and Ear Institute.

The informal gathering will begin at 4pm with light refreshments and the formal speaker presentation will begin at 4:30pm. We encourage you to mark this time on your agenda and to use the informal time from 4:00 to 4:30pm as an opportunity to interact with colleagues sharing a research interest in wound healing and
tissue repair.

Speaker: Sudha Agarwal – Associate Professor
Dept. of Oral medicine and Pathology

Topic: “Mechanical Signaling and Cartilage Repair”

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 4:00pm
Location: The 5th floor Conference Room of the Eye & Ear Institute

Refreshments will be at 4:00 and the formal presentation will begin at 4:30.

Please come at 4pm for informal interaction and refreshments

1 HOLIDAY – No meeting 2 Johnny Huard – Assistant Professor
Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery
15 Patricia Hebda – Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology
16 James H-C Wang – Assistant Professor
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery
5 McGowan Institute Retreat – No meeting 7 Yoram Vodovotz – Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
19 David Steed- Director of Wound Healing
Limb Preservation Clinic
21 Ha-Sheng Li – Assistant Professor
Limb Preservation Clinic Department of Otolaryngology
5 Alan Wells – Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Pathology
4 Leaf Huang – Joseph Koslow Professor
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
19 ETG Conference – No meeting 18 Sudha Agarwal – Associate Professor
Dept. of Oral medicine and Patholo

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